First Name :   Laurie Stringer
Comment :   It was a blast reading your profile. Youve certainly had an interesting life these past 20 years - not surprising when I think back to your personality at Westdale - and the photos really brought back memories. Hope youll be the reunion so we can talk in
First Name :   Sara
Comment :   Thanks for your web address, and nice to see you again after such a long while. Your new man is great! Hope you can resolve that other problem in China. Lots of Luv
First Name :   Tim
Comment :   Coming back to Washington DC anytime soon -- still more beers to drink at the Brickstellar.
First Name :   David
Comment :   Been trying to contact you on your cell phone. Are you still home-schooling in North Toronto? Got an interested parent. Give me a ring!
First Name :   Joseph
Comment :   Nice to meet you the other night. Good luck with your job and thanks for giving me your website address. Nice pics btw
First Name :   Jeff
Comment :   The wonder of brings you a name from the past -- remember me from Australia? We backpacked down the coast of California in the late 80s? Nice to see your website. I actually worked for an IT company in Taiwan in 1999-2000. Too bad I didnt know
First Name :   Eric, from Edmonton
Comment :   Hi Rosanne, how are you doing? cool web site, couldnt open up some of the picture windows but I got through most.
First Name :   Dancing Fool
Comment :   Interesting website. I havent been to Taiwan, but several friends have. Good luck!
First Name :   Christine
Comment :   You are a lady with dramas in life. I think its a good way to keep good memories! Good job!
First Name :   yangjie@
Comment :   I cannot forget you!
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