First Name :   visitor
Comment :   just stopping by from the past ... lol
First Name :   Wendy from T.O
Comment :   Hey Rosanne, its been a lifetime! Dont faint! Are you still in Taiwan? I hope you havent been taking any drivers ed. from companies called Lucky....testing your memory -
First Name :   david p
Comment :   Hey Rosanne.. thought youd like to check out my web site heeliarious post on Anthony Bourdain... email me at:
First Name :   Chan Kok Choy
Comment :   I like to thank you for your donation to Operation Smile Cambodia. I like to invite you to visit Cambodia. For info, we will be organizing a Mission at the Khmer Soviet Friendship Hospital from 18-24 February 2011 where we expect to provide free cleft ope
First Name :   Terrie Bethley
Comment :   We really need to get together soon. Do i need to get a plane ticket? Its been long over due since weve had a night out on the town. Remember Quebec LOL
First Name :   Caroline
Comment :   Jeeeeez!!! So happy to have you back, honey. I am living in Chicago and try to get used to the land of the free.Where are you at, doing what? BIG FAT LONG HUG
First Name :   Dana
Comment :   Do you remember me? I sent an email, but dont know if you got it!
First Name :   peted
Comment :   Wow it,s really is you..
First Name :   A Fan
Comment :   Will Dear MeiGui find a new home?
First Name :   Kim McEwan (Hampson)
Comment :   What a great website. What memories those pictures brought back!! I cannot believe that I remember names. Congats on a great career. Hopefully see you at the 75th.
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